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Little Angels
Author Unknown

Josie MarieGod sent an angel to the earth...
The sweetest angel too
and for such a tiny little thing,
she had so much to do.
She knew she did not have
much time upon this earth to stay,
so she did not waste a second;
she got started right away.

Her eyes were bright and sparkly,
she took in every turn.
She did not miss a single thing,
because Josie came to learn!
God sent her here to touch the
hearts of those he could not reach...
She taught them courage, strength and faith,
because Josie came to teach.

Her tiny little body
was so full of God above,
you felt it when you held her,
because Josie came to love.

In five short years, she managed
what many never will.
When she went home to Jesus,
her purpose was fulfilled.
She learned and taught, loved and played,
she learned her lessons well.
We know Jesus was so proud of her
when she went home to dwell.

But when we miss her OH-SO-MUCH,
we can almost hear him say,
please understand, her work was done...
Josie did not come to stay.


Please take comfort in knowing we all have a precious angel to watch over us always.
Josephine will live in our hearts forever.

-Julie and Aaron Herzon